How to de-sex a dog in Dili

I was at my aunt's house in the south of Dili when I notticed one of her neighbour's dogs had a badly swollen testicle. As I looked closer I notticed that the end of the dog's scrotum was tied up tightly with a rubber band. As it turned out, this dog has been enduring this treatment for nearly two days, and this is how to de-sex a dog, at least in this part of Dili. A couple of days later, the dog's scrotum popped and his testicles fell off, literally. I wouldn't recommend this kind of operation for any dog or animal anywhere in the world. It's best to leave this kind of operations for the vets. As for the dogs and other animals in Dili: vets needed.

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  1. Anonymous said...
    Sorry Alex but with the political climate in Dili, there is some political dogs that deserve the sort of treatment you are describing, and I wish that they would give the same treatment to our saviours from not far away.
    Ze Cinico

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