For those of you (usually Anglophones) who keep saying "thimolesht" or "tximolesht," if you cannot work your tongue around the correct pronunciation, then try this:

Ti as in tea
mor as in Morgan
Les as in less
te as in terrible

And yes, I know that the Lusophones sort of swallow some of their vowels and have their own pronunciations so that when they say Timor-Leste, it actually sounds "timórlesht." But, unless if you are a Lusophone, it kind of doesn't sound good. So try to say it the way the East Timorese say it, that's my opinion.

Still, there are also some people who write Timor-Leste in a most peculiar way like Timor-L'Est or even Timor le Este. I don't know how or where they got his from. The correct way is of course Timor-Leste, with the dash in between and everything. The rest is just not on.


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