...teen is not a compliment

In Tetum, any word than ends with "teen" (read it as in number 10),
in most circumstances denotes a vice. On its own, "teen" means
excrement, leftovers or waste. Any adjective that ends with "teen" is
not a compliment.

baruk (to be lazy): barukteen - lazy person

naok (to steal): naokteen - thief

karak (selfish): karakteen - greedy

beik (dumb): beikteen - stupid

tolok (to swear): tolokteen - someone whose every second word is an

kaan (to want): kaanteen - greedy, glutton

tabaku (tobacco, cigarette): tabakuteen - smoker

tua (wine): tuateen - alcoholic

lanu (to be drunk): lanuteen - drunkard

nakar (to be naughty): nakarteen - naughty

hirus (to be upset): hirusteen - someone who is always upset

tanis (to cry): tanisteen - crybaby

dukur (sleepy): dukurteen - sleepyhead


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