Timor-Leste or East Timor or Timor Lorosa'e or Timor Timur or ...

Timor-Leste = The official name of the country. Remember Burma? Now
it is called Myanmar. Portuguese Timor was replaced with Timor-Leste
after the country was unilaterally proclaimed independente by
Fretilin. In 2002, the Constituent Assembly restored Timor-Leste to
be the official name of the country. This is the name of the country
whether if you want to write in French, English or German.

East Timor = The unofficial English name.

Timor Lorosa'e = The unofficial East Timorese (Tetum) name.

Timor Timur = The official name of Timor-Leste when it was still
Indonesia's 27th province.

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  1. Anonymous said...
    "Timor Lorosa'e = The unofficial East Timorese (Tetum) name."

    If Tetum is one and arguably the first official language how is it that the correct way of writing the country's name in that language is not official?

    I'm a bit confused...Please explain!

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